Upload ID Document File

Upload the respective ID document file type in support of the ID validation process. The ID Document will be validated against the Customer details on record.
Please note that then uploading an ID document file for an ID document type id_card or drivers_license, the front as well as the back of the ID document file is required.
Upload ID document file

Uploading files for ID document type - ID Card

Below you can see an example of uploading an ID document file for the ID document type id_card. As you can see, you will need to upload one file for the front of the ID card as well as a file for the back of the ID card.
Upload ID document file back and front (for ID card)

List of Accepted ID documents:

Sides Required
Green RSA ID Book
Front page only
RSA ID Smart Card
Front and Back
Driver's Licence
Front and Back
Last modified 8mo ago