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Finch Technologies Status Page

A platform that allows you to view uptime status and communications around in-production incidents. Keeping you informed about the availability and performance of our various services.

Concerned about Uptime?

We have created a Status Page which gives you insights into the uptime of our various services. You can view the statuses of all of our services within the respective Modules you are making use of (including those which rely on third parties such as the banks and bureaus). These statuses indicate whether the relevant endpoints are online or offline, so that you have peace of mind in knowing if the service is working as expected or not.
In addition, the Status Page is where we will post any updates related to:
  • Production incidents/outages
  • Third party outages/disruption to services
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Announcements relating to the sunsetting of older endpoints/services (or discontinued support thereof)
Finch Technologies Service Monitoring
Finch Technologies Status Page