๐Ÿ“คBank Statement Upload

Automatically upload, validate, extract and verify transactional data from a valid PDF bank statement.

Manual Upload

Upload your bank's original PDF bank statement(s). Gathr will OCR your bank statements and return your transactional data as well as summarise it into easily understandable, key information that can be used for financial decisions. You will need to upload your 3 latest bank statements in order to view the transaction data and summary reports for the 3 month period.

What can you upload as your bank statement?

You can only upload a valid PDF bank statement that you've downloaded straight from your bank's online banking website or banking app. These can be either stamped or non-stamped statements. We do not accept CSV files or scanned copies, it must be the actual valid bank statement.

List of accepted documents:

ABSA CapitecDiscoveryFNBNedbankStandard BankTyme Bank

1-month Cheque Account Bank Statement (English)

1-month Cheque Account Bank Statement (English)

1-month Cheque Account Bank Statement (English)

1-month Cheque Account Bank Statement (English & Afrikaans)

1-month Cheque Account Bank Statement (English)

1-month Cheque Account Bank Statement (English)

1-month PDF Bank Statement

Transaction History PDF export (English & Afrikaans)

3-month Cheque Account Bank Statement (English)

1 - month Private Wealth Bank Statement (English)

3-month Cheque Account Bank Statement (English)

1-month Statements?... We'll take 3 of those

A Customer Affordability Assessment looks to understand a customers income flows and spending habits over a reasonable amount of time. The industry standard looks to asses a Customers affordability over a 3 month period and as such most of the banks only provide monthly 1-month bank statements thus requiring the Customer to provide 3 of their 1-month statements.

3-month or 6-month Statements?... Give us just one

There are a few banks (i.e. ABSA, Capitec, Standard Bank) which provide multiple-month statements, usually for periods of 3 or 6 months. In this case, the Customer will only require one document which contains banking transactional data from the last 3 months to date.

We've seen it all

Unfortunately, you can't always get things right the first time. As the saying goes "You don't know what you don't know...". Below are some examples of "bank statements" customers have tried to upload.


Proof of Bank Account

Investment Statement

ID Books

Scanned Statements


Drivers License

Credit Card Statements

Tax Invoices

Till Slips

  • Uploading a transaction history document instead of a bank statement. This one is quite common, and understandably so. Unfortunately, we do not accept and process transaction history documents for all banks. However we are continuously expanding our portfolio of bank statement templates.

  • Uploading a photo of a bank statement that has been printed out on paper. We love the fact that we get to see your dog in the background, but we don't accept photos of statements for a variety of reasons. For one, it makes it very hard for our (OCR) processor to read it, second, it brings in some doubt as to whether it is in fact your own statement and third, it's a waste of paper. So save yourself time and effort and help save the planet by downloading the statement straight from your online banking.

  • Uploading a scanned copy of a bank statement. At this current moment we are unable to process a scanned bank statement. This is due to the fraud check array we have built out to verify that the bank statement has not been tampered with. We are however looking to add to our portfolio of products and will soon we catering for scanned bank statement processing.

  • We've seen customers try to upload their tax invoices... We're only looking for bank statements. There's not much we can do with a tax invoice.

  • We've seen attempts to upload till slips... Hope the sushi was worth it, but no thanks, there's not much we can do with this information.

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