Business Bank Statement Upload

Automatically upload, validate, extract and verify transactional data from a valid PDF business bank statement.
Manual Upload
Upload your bank's original PDF bank statement(s). Gathr will OCR your bank statements and return your transactional data as well as summarise it into easily understandable, key information that can be used for financial decisions. You will need to upload your 3 latest bank statements in order to view the transaction data and summary reports for the 3 month period.

What can you upload as your bank statement?

You can only upload a valid PDF bank statement that you've downloaded straight from your bank's online banking website or banking app. These can be either stamped or non-stamped statements. We do not accept CSV files or scanned copies, it must be a valid bank statement.

1-month Statements?... We'll take 6 of those

A Business Affordability Assessment looks to understand a business income flows and spending habits over a reasonable amount of time. The industry standard looks to asses a Business's affordability over a 6 month period and as such most of the banks only provide monthly 1-month bank statements thus requiring the Business to provide 6 of their 1-month statements.

6-month Statements?... Give us just one

There are a few banks (i.e. ABSA, Nedbank, Standard Bank) that provide multiple-month statements, usually for periods of 6 months. In this case, the Business will only require one document which contains banking transactional data from the last 6 months to date.

Banks Supported for Business Bank Statements

  • Absa - Cheque Statements, Transaction History Statements
  • FNB - Cheque Statements
  • Nedbank - Cheque Statements
  • Standard Bank - Cheque Statements, Transaction History Statements
  • Capitec - We accept Consumer Cheque Statements if the business has been created as a Sole Proprietor business.
  • Tyme Bank - We accept Consumer Cheque Statements if the business has been created as a Sole Proprietor business .
What has Gathr got in play for the future
In future versions of Gathr, we are looking to introduce Online Login and Direct Bank API Integrations. Online Login will enable us to automatically collect business statements and transactions provided the end-user banking profile. We are most excited about the Direct Bank API Integrations as we will integrate directly into the banks infrastructure to retrieve transactions and statements for the end-user.
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