OAuth or NoAuth?

Authentication Method

API's use authorization to ensure that client requests access data securely. Gathr uses Bearer Authentication (also known as token authentication). This is an HTTP authentication scheme that involves security tokens called bearer tokens. For any request, you will have to use both your generated userAuthToken (Bearer Token) and tenantId. This authentication is used to determine access to the API call, as well as track the tenant usage of the platform.
Whenever you build a request that requires authentication, you must include the Authorization header with the Bearer token:
Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiJ9.eyJhdWQiOiI2MmIzZDNkMC02NjQxLTQzY2ItYTgyNi1hYjJmZGRlNzA1ZTMiLCJqdGkiOiJmZjRmZTYyN2YxMjc2ZjJlNzc4ZDY4ZDQ3MzRlNDk1MmFhOGY0ZTVlNDUwNTBiMDY2ZTdlZmVjZWFhODg1ZWUxMjNhNDM2NGFiZjFiYzY2YSIsImlhdCI6MTY0ODkwOTI5MC42MDkzNTQsIm5iZiI6MTY0ODkwOTI5MC42MDkzNTcsImV4cCI6MTY0ODk5OTI5MC42MDMxNDcsInN1YiI6IiIsInNjb3BlcyI6WyIqIl19.yAVFwkIKrInA0qj4JzD9PmO3EeVYEjp0Y5sJI4gERClgSKPv00191pPo3ENhzI1Ow5Y_vyt-5RWUP6ekBPCtobctrxOr9akGYGP0WhFmmnCAsg9WJmG2Ft6aT07jbBLKPTLWCOoniyTFIUwkVXvJxMRCKZf4nnsZIk0DZB5T11sEGqlzNTU8JTrlxymGspeQskV8PmijrDeZPjz1sLLrxiqqWIrcZzfGgbVhXpluwJF2mOlVt3zB3AfFr7ZZF2W-NBmq_unudbLukXiln-7HIFqGGn18PnwGxXOMJwyiLX_hBIjKaxfsgjynaoVUzn8KkpTrvhMZ00xlcgd8Pw6bVshESEw_X6robWcyxw2vIopo7X5IZ7Cx0kWBlJ-oZNfgWxh3NUUz9FC61QPZCSOwSIh8fDQ_81kLsb4B7P5b6rcISsbFbMgkPhgGwVbgbBNmgAxaOyI84NA2jCWHZuniawCkWoggaqq140ByJGv3t1e0yDeVILmmmuDwjGpH0xwlmY-GLJxU-uciklco8kIXDyy44AHAM-JaoxTOhgk8h6KJSr3b2ng8e9OZQZ-FzrGFbpOWovvi1baH2azYwvOMizqcHIBBpgsNgbTlpxDQL0A4TF1eV6B5ngSqfNHiU4Xzl7syrd85z8KHDOJkrEreZbDIJVZHLEeJU9DgvnIRuT0

Receiving your API credentials/tenant setup

2 things are needed to authenticate your Gathr API calls.
  • A member of our Technical Support Team will issue your userAuthToken in a 1Password link which will be sent to you via email after your initial Gathr demo session.
  • We will send your tenantId, which is the other part of the combination that is needed for the Bearer/Token authentication, in a separate channel (i.e. other than the email). We send these two credentials separately as a security precaution.
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