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Use this endpoint to return end-to-end and get-quote offers for a customer who has completed a full personal loans application including the Affordability v1 module.


In order to get end-to-end offers for an applicant, you will need to submit their application details (including affordability data) to the POST Get Offers - (Apply Now) endpoint. In the response, you will see multiple offers. Those offers with a live score object represent end-to-end offers; whereas those with a live_score of -2 or without a live_score at all represent Get-Quote offers (indicative quotes).
If there are end-to-end offers, [and the applicant selects that they want this offer], you will need to use the POST Accept offer endpoint in order to...

Get Offers - (Apply Now)

Get Offers - (Apply Now)

More info on the fields in the request body:

This is a unique integer that tells Fincheck Engine which product the application is being made for.
"id": This is UUID for a Bank Account that gets generated and returned in the POST Create new Bank Account response. It ensures that the transactional data and statements retrieved in the online login session are saved to the correct Bank Account.
"tenant": This is the tenant on which the customer exists in Gathr.
"api_token": This is apiToken that references and allows Fincheck Engine to use the the specific customer on a given tenant.

Example "bankAccount" object:

"bankAccount": {
"id": "{{bankAccountId}}",
"tenant": "lightstone-auto",
"api_token": "{{apiToken}}"
Accept offer
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