Things to look out for that need to be fixed/explained

If you look for all bankAccounts with the customerId filter on in the query params, you just get data[]...

You can also search with a customerId that doesn't exist and you'll get the same... it does not throw an error like no bank accounts found for e.g.

How does the startDate and endDate in the summaryPlus work? They are required fields in the request. You will get data (if there is) for the whole month provide the. startDate you pass <= to the first day of that month. Will it go further back if you have an account with 4 months for example (or will it just exclude that data)?? Either way we always get /1 for the total_average calculations.

The error handling on the ID verification endpoints probably needs some work. The incorrect errors are being shown. It says unclear/illegible when it should be invalid (ID details for customer and ID document do not match).

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