๐Ÿ’ปOnline Login

Automatically extract, verify and understand your Customers affordability. Retrieve transactional data and Bank Statements directly from the Customers Internet Banking Profile.

Online Login

With the provided Internet banking credentials, Gathr is able to login to a Customers' internet banking profile, scrape 3 months worth of transactional data and provide the supporting 3 month bank statements. There is an added functionality where by a summary of the transactional data for the selected bank account can be generated.

For a select number of banks we are able to augment the transactional data scraped from the Internet banking profile as there may be more transactional data available on the Internet banking website versus the bank statements.

For example on the FNB website, a maximum of 250 transactions can be shown if you view the transactions online. Whichever transactions fall outside of those 250 transactions would not be available to scrape from the website; however, you could find them on the PDF bank statements. Therefore we augment what is scraped from the website with what is on the PDF bank statements for the same period.

Online Login Guide/User Manual

We have an iFrame, GathrLink, that has been built to emulate the Customers Internet banking login process , that ensures a seamless collection of transactional data and valid PDF bank statements. The user interface operates in a very similar manner to how an online payment portal would when completing an online purchase.

The first initiation step in the GathrLink journey is for the Customer to supply their Internet banking banking username and/or password, giving scarper the permission to read and collect the required transactional data available on the customers internet banking profile.

We've seen some funny things

We have often seen that customers forget/don't know/make up their internet banking username and/or password, this is due to a number of reasons.

Usernames and Passwords we have seen customers try:

  • Entering their ID number in the password field

  • Shakespeare's 18th Sonnet

However we have built a customisable GathrLink solution that enables the modification of landing pages, login instructions and logging in prompts. If you would like for us to modify your GathrLink settings please reach out to your Technical Account Manager, or to Support.

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