Bank Statement Upload V1.0

Automatically validate, extract and verify transactional data from a valid PDF bank statement.
In Bank Statement Upload V1.0, the validation checks as well as transactional processing is handled simultaneously within the API call. Therefore you are only able to upload one statement at a time. If you are uploading multiple 1-month statements, you would have to do so in three consecutive calls.
Upload Bankstatement V1.0
As this is a specific post query, we need to make sure we are sending customer/clients to a safe destination, as such, there is validation done on the Redirect and Result URL.
The Filed under validation must have a valid A or AAAA record when querying the dns_get_record PHP function.
A a simple guideline:
  • Must be RFC compliant
  • Must include the hostname
  • Be careful with special characters that might mess with the structure of the post request
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