๐ŸšฎReturn All Failed Statements

Return all the failed PDF files and reasons for a Bank Account Record.

Return All Failed Statements of a BankAccount

GET {{baseUrl}}/bank-accounts/:bank_account_id/failed-statements

Return all the failed bank statements that have been stored on the bank_account_id.

Path Parameters

    "data": [
            "bank_account_id": "{{bankAccountID}}",
            "temp_url": "https://dev.apply.fincheck.co.za/...",
            "expires_in": "60m",
            "file": {
                "id": 4451,
                "name": "FNB_ASPIRE_CURRENT_ACCOUNT_62.pdf",
                "type": "pdf",
                "url": "https://dev.apply.fincheck.co.za/fincheck/documents/FNB_ASPIRE_CURRENT_ACCOUNT_62.pdf"
            "error_code": "invalid_bank",
            "description": "Could not be recognised as a valid capitec statement. Please check if it is a valid bank statement, and that your bank selection is correct."

We have seen in the past that Customers don't always upload the expected bank statement. They possibly upload a statement from a different bank (i.e. they say they're uploading an FNB statement and proceed to upload a Capitec statement), or they upload a scan of their bank statement rather than the original bank statement downloaded directly from their Banking Profile, or perhaps even a random PDF document, such as a payslip or tax invoice.

When the Customers attempts to upload the above scenarios through Upload Bankstatement V1.0 or Upload Bankstatement V1.1, the upload will fail due to the variety of upfront document validations our service performs.

We have catered for a failed PDF document retrieval process where failed files are stored within the Return All Failed Statements of a BankAccount endpoint.

This API call is useful if a manual review process is required within the application journey.

Example: A Customer uploads a Proof of Income document within their application process, instead of a valid PDF Bank Statement, an agent will be able to view the failed document submitted, contact the Customer and support the Customer with the collection of the correct documents.

See below in the flow diagram how the service works.

How long do we store the files?

We have a purging policy of 7 days for all failed PDF files. After the 7 days, the failed PDF files will be deleted and unavailable for collection.

In addition to the document purging policy, the "temp_url" is valid for 60 minutes after the endpoint is called to action.

When do we store the files and when don't we store the files?

If you wanted to view or download the Bank Statements from successful uploads, you would follow the normal process of calling the Return All Statements of a BankAccount endpoint.

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