๐Ÿ†”Customer ID Verification - HANIS

Plug into the Home Affairs National Identification System (HANIS) to retrieve and verify information on a Customer.

Please note that we will perform the Verification on the ID Number that was provided in the POST Create New Customer endpoint.

Explicit consent is required from the Customer to perform the ID verification call . As such the"popi" field in Create New Customer is required to be set as "true" for the successful completion of the api call.

Customer ID Verification

GET {{baseUrl}}/customers/:customer_id/verify-id-number-hanis

Extract a Customer's Identity details from the DHA database.

Path Parameters




This is UUID for a specific customer that gets generated and returned in the POST Create New Customer response.

        "code": "service_unavailable",
        "message": "Technical Error - the HANIS ID Verification Service is currently unavailable."

At present we return the photo that HANIS has on record for the Customer in a Base64 string. This will need to be converted into an image file by the client.

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