๐Ÿ”‚Repeat BankAccount Online Login

Using this endpoint, you can initiate a Repeat Login for a Customer without having to direct them through the Online Login process again.

All results for the repeat online login, will be posted to result_url as set in the environment variables on the initial creation of the GET Sync Online Banking Accounts

Calling this endpoint multiple times without the repeat_application argument, will wipe the stored login credentials of the Customer.

Repeat BankAccount Online Login

POST {{baseUrl}}/bank-accounts/:session_code/repeat-login

Reinitiate an online login session for a Customer's bank account.

Path Parameters




The session-code for a online Bank Account that gets generated and returned in the GET Sync Online Bank Account response. It ensures that the transactional data and statements retrieved in the online login session are saved to the same session-code.





Bearer {{token}}

    "errors": {
        "code": "entity_not_found",
        "message": "Record not found in login_sessions"
Example of a successful webhook response
    "data": {
            "bank": "standard-bank", "session": "232z9",
            "success": true,
            "code": "transactions-success", "tenant": "mpowa",
            "message": โ€œSuccessโ€,
            "bank_account_id": "115f6237-6b92-4b37-a044-77734d6efafd" 
Example of an unsuccessful webhook response
    "data": {
            "bank": "standard-bank",
            "session": "232z9",
            "success": false,
            "code": "login-failed",
            "tenant": "finch",
            "message": "We were unable to login with the provided details. Please check your details and try again.",
            "bank_account_id": "115f6237-6b92-4b37-a044-77734d6efafd"
Sample error messages
  • 'login-failed' - We were unable to login with the provided details. Please check your details and try again

  • 'settings-failed' - It looks like some settings have changed on your {{bank_name}} Online Banking. Please login to your Online Banking profile in the browser to accept the changes before you continue here.

  • 'internet-banking-disabled' -Your internet banking is not enabled, please sign into your {{bank_name}} app with your remote PIN and turn on your internet banking.'

  • 'user-accounts-failed' - There was an error accessing your accounts in your online banking profile. It looks like a few settings have changed in your online banking profile. Please login to your online banking profile to read & accept the changes before selecting "Try Again.

  • 'account-transactions-failed' - Failed to scrape account transactions

  • 'statement-failed' - Failed to to download statement

  • 'transactions-failed' - We were unable to find enough transactions in this account. Please make sure the correct accounts are selected, or try another method.

  • 'otp-failed' - You need to provide the OTP that your bank has sent you to continue.

  • 'accounts-failed' - 'You did not select any transactional accounts. Please try again and select the accounts when prompted.'

  • 'login-unauthorised' - You did not approve any login requests on your Online Banking App. Please try again and approve any login requests.

  • 'connection-failed' - There was an error connecting to your bank. Please try again

  • 'incorrect-otp' - We were unable to login with the provided OTP. Please make sure to enter the correct OTP.

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